A Day To Remember is the first episode of Totally Teen Island.


As the 17 campers get used to their new environment, Chris announces via-intercom that before they can start the day off they must unpack there belongings, which everyone ends up doing. As everyone is unpacking, Devon asks the boys that if the room looks a little small to them. Meanwhile in the girl's bedroom, Cassie was overwhelmed due to the fact she had no idea where to put all of her 15 suitcases. She and Stephanie then went to the cafeteria for lunch, and Cassie was not amused. Although Stephanie still ate the slop Chef had made saying "It's better then what he served a few seasons ago." Shortly after lunch, Chris sent all the campers all to the beach.

At the beach, Chris announced the season's teams. Brendan, Chrissy, Devon, Jazmyn, Kai, Luis, Scrappy Doo, and Madilynn were all put on the Eerie Islanders. And Alex, Dina, Cassie, Jamie, Katelyn, Matt, Stephanie, Travis, and Waluigi were put on the Timid Travelers.After the teams were announced, Chris introduced to the campers The Star Of Wisdom. Which, was that season's immunity idol. After hearing about the idol, Madilynn made a confessional about having second thoughtsthoughts about the star. Both Alex and Brendan then ran to the cafeteria to see if the Star of Wisdom was is in there. Which it wasn't.


Character User
Alex TaygenTeagan
Brendan Phyneo
Cassie Stars&Straps20
Chrissy Phyneo
Devon Stars&Straps20
Dina FlameThrower12
Jamie FlameThrower12
Jazmyn Radio Reactive
Kai O.M.G.
Katelyn S.M.P.
Luis BlazeHead51
Madilynn TaygenTeagan
Matt Mypalben18
ScrappyDoo Survivor321
Stephanie SunSclicer2
Travis O.M.G.
Waluigi BlazeHead51
  • In this episode, Dina, Jamie, Jazmyn, and Katelyn did not speak.



  • Waluigi is the first male to make a Confessional this season while Kai is the first female.