My epic fail of making a boy....sorry, Alex.

Alex was a contestant on Totally Teen Island. He was placed on the Eerie Islanders. After the team swap due to inactivity, Alex was placed on the Golden Geese. He was eliminated in 5th place.


  • Full Name?: Alexander James Martinez
  • Nickname(s)?: None
  • Gender?: Male
  • Age?: 16, going on 17
  • Eye Color?: Hazel Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Other Details?: None
  • Family?: Brother (Name Unknown), Mother (Name Unknown), Father (Name Unknown)
  • Friends?: Chrissy (possibly used to be, or still friends), Kai (possible), Madi
  • Enemies?: Brendan, Scrappy Doo, Cassie, Matt, Marielle (Madi's Twin)
  • Relationships?: None
  • Alliances?: None
  • Fears?: Mostly none.


  • Though, he looks like a nerd, Alex can be pranky and goofy.
  • His elimination was caused by Brendan.
  • He thinks Cheryl, Chris' sister, is hot.
  • It might be possible that Alex has a crush on Madi's twin, Marielle.
  • He used to be a little wimp, but throughout the season, Alex had been toughened, mostly by Brendan and Matt.
  • Alex might be the only contestant to have glasses.
  • He appeared in the Totally Teen Island Reunion Special.