• PunkLikeCharlie

    i decided to continue this since TJ didn't carry it on, let's move on to the males, vote for you're favourite and least favourite now!

    oh year, just a quick rule, no going into full on rage mode if someone says you're character is their least favourite.

    1. Alex

    2. Brendan

    3. Devon

    4. Jamie

    5. Luis

    6. Matt

    7. Scrappy Doo

    8. Travis

    9. Waluigi

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  • Zannabanna

    These are my predictions for Totally Teen Island: Palau Style.

    20th: Lawrence

    19th: Jessie

    18th: Jack

    17th: Mouse

    16th: Steven

    15th: Lady Marmalade

    14th: Anthoney

    13th: Sean

    12th: Heidi

    11th: Leon

    Merge: Lady Marmalade and Jack return----

    10th: Lelia

    9th: Devon

    8th: Jack

    7th: Tobi

    6th: Aaron

    5th: Lady Marmalade

    4th: Cindy

    3rd: Graven

    2nd: Diamond

    1st: Alexis

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  • Stars&Straps20

    The Favorites

    August 13, 2012 by Stars&Straps20

    The Favorites is an activity created by Stars&Straps20. This is where you can vote for your most favorite and least Totally Teen Island Character. The winner of each gender gets a trophy. Good luck and happy voting!


    1. No voting for your own character. That would be like cheating.
    2. You can only vote for one character of each gender.
    3. Do NOT get mad if your character loses. This is just purely for fun.

    First, we will start off with the girls.

    The Available Choices Are:

    1. Abyss
    2. Madi
    3. Chrissy
    4. Lady Marmalade
    5. Cassie
    6. Kai
    7. Stephanie
    8. Dina
    9. Jazmyn
    10. Katelyn
    11. Emily
    12. DeLaine
    13. Donna
    14. Jessica
    15. Piper
    16. Kimberly
    17. Amy
    18. Julia
    19. Crystal

    Good Luck! :)

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