Brendan, labeled The Calculating Guy, was a contestant in Totally Teen Island. He was a member of the Eerie Islanders and later switched to the Golden Geese. He tied for the season winner and is one of the Antagonists of the season.

Contestant BioEdit

Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green                                                                                                                                                          Hair Color: Brown
Friends: Chrissy, Matt
Enemies: Madi, Alex, Waluigi, Scrappy
Relationships: None
Family: TBA
Nicknames: None
Fear: TBA
Played By: Phyneo


  • Brendan is the last-standing male of the first season.
  • Brendan has tie for the most Challenge wins (9) with the other season winner Madi and Matt.
  • In his user's(Phyneos) opinion, Brendan has directly or indirecty eliminated 7 contestants. He played a part in eliminating Travis, Waluigi, Devon, Luis, Abyss, Kai and Alex.
  • Brendan is the first camper to find the Star of Wisdom.
    • However, he never used it since he was never voted off.