The Eerie Islanders is one of the two original teams competing in Totally Teen Island. The team consisted of Brendan, Chrissy, Devon, Jazmyn, Kai, Luis, ScrappyDoo, and Madilynn before the teams were split up in episode 4.

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Team Rank Voted Off Episode Eliminated Reason voted off
ScrappyDoo Male 8th 18th Feeding Time He annoyed his teammates with his antics.
Jazmyn Female 7th 13th Into the Woods She failed to compete so her team voted for her.
Devon Male 6th 10th Muddy Mud Mud Everyone saw him as a threat.
Luis Male 5th 8th Help the Dakotazoid Luis was seen as a threat.
Kai Female 4th 6th Double the Trouble She was seen as a huge threat.
Chrissy Female 3rd 3rd Battle of the Campers She didn't win as much votes as te other finalists
Madilynn Female 1st 1st Battle of the Campers Tied with Brendan for the season win!
Brendan Male 1st 1st Battle of the Campers Tied with Madi for the season win!


  • ScrappyDoo is the only member to be eliminated before the team swap.
  • Brendan and Kai are the only members to be switched to the Golden Geese.
  • Jazymn, Devon, Luis, Kai, Chrissy, and Madilynn switched to the Speedy Sharks.
  • Both season winners are on this team.
    • Also, the all of the Finalists were on this team.