The Girl's Alliance is one of the many alliances of Totally Teen Island. It was formed during the merge.


Totally Teen IslandEdit

Totally Teen Island: Palau StyleEdit


Totally Teen IslandEdit

In Catch The Piranhas!, the alliance was formed with Kai, Madi, and Chrissy. They formed it because they wanted to take down the boys. Sometime during the episode Lady Marmalade joined the alliance after she debuted. During the vote, Chrissy, Lady Marmalade, and Kai voted for Waluigi. Madi was the only member to not vote with the alliance.

In Muddy Mud Mud, the alliance voted to eliminate Devon.

In Find His Theme!, the alliance betrayed Lady Marmalade and voted her off.

In Double The Trouble, Crissy betrayed the alliance by voting off Kai and Madi. After Kai went home the alliance probably disformed due to Chrissy betraying Madi.

Totally Teen Island: Palau StyleEdit

In Dig Determination Out of the Ground, Jessie, Tobi, and Lady Marmalade form a girl's alliance.

In When Plans Back "Fire, Tobi and Lady Marmalade quit and Jessie forms a new alliance.


  • Lady Marmalade is the only contestant to be in the alliance for two seasons.