The Golden Geese is one of the two opposing teams after the team swap in Totally Teen Island. The team consists of Alex, Brendan, Cassie, Kai, Travis, and Waluigi.

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Team Rank Voted Off Episode Eliminated Reason voted off
Travis Male 6th 14th Beware of the Aliens... He lost in a tiebraker challenge against Alex.
Cassie Female 5th 12th Know or Go She was voted off because her teammates couldn't stand her singing.
Waluigi Male 4th 11th Catch the Piranhas Brendan convinced certain people to vote him off.
Kai Female 3th 6th Double the Trouble She was seen as a huge threat.
Alex Male 2nd 5th The Wild Final Five He was voted off for differn't reasons.
Brendan Male 1st 1st Battle of the Campers He tied with Madi for the season win!


  • Brendan is the only member to make it to the final 4.
    • This follows the pattern from the actual TV show where the superior team has 3 members while the weaker team only has 1 member in the final 4.