This is Madilynn. No way can her twin sister be crazy with these looks.

Madilynn (or Madi for short)
, was a contestant on Totally Teen Island. She was placed on the Timid Travelers, and when the team swap came due to inactivity, she was placed on the Speedy Sharks. She won the first season, along with Brendan.


  • Full Name?: Madilynn Paige Janvine Endethaw
  • Nickname?: Madi
  • Gender?: Female
  • Age?: 16, going on 17
  • Eye Color?: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Other Details?: She has freckles.
  • Family?: Marielle (Twin), Brother (Name Unknown), Mother (Name Unknown), Father (Name Unknown)
  • Friends?: Brendan, Chrissy (possibly used to be, or still friends), Alex, Kai, Luis (possible), Stephanie, Abyss (possible)
  • Enemies?: Brendan (Marielle), Scrappy Doo, Cassie, Matt
  • Relationships?: None
  • Alliances?: Stephanie, Chrissy
  • Fears?: As Madi's first line, she's not afraid of anything.


Madi's design consists of her having red, slightly wavy hair with a teal headband propped on top. She has an silver army necklace, given by her older soldier brother. She has a sleeveless t-shirt with white and light purple-pink stripes. Her original design consists of her hacing short, blonde hair. She has slightly dark blue eyes, and black framed glasses. She has a denim jacket, with a black sweater under.


  • Her twin, Marielle, is shown to be violent and crazy, but can be cranky if she doesn't accomplish something.
  • Marielle assisted with Alex to outshine Brendan, which failed, and there might be a possiblity that Marielle has a crush on Alex.
  • Madi was one of the people who pranked another contestant on Totally Teen Island.
(original) madi

Madi's original design.