Totally Teen Island is the first season of Totally Teen Island. Chris takes 19 teens to Ontario, Canada for 8 weeks.



Character Stereotype Gender User
Abyss The Gothic Loner Female BlaineleyRox222
Alex The Goofy Boy Male TaygenTeagen
Brendan The Calculating One Male Phyneo
Cassie The Model Female Stars&Straps20
Chrissy The Friendly Random Chick Female Phyneo
Devon The Laid Back Dude Male Stars&Straps20
Dina The Rich Girl Female HockeyHero495
Jamie The Teenage Heartthrob Male HockeyHero495
Jazmyn The Sassy Chick Female Radio Reactive
Kai The Sarcastic Jock Female Omgdeadpeople
Katelyn The Bubbly and Kind Girl Female SinsMakePeople
Lady Marmalade The Old Voodoo Godess Female ZannaBanna
Luis The Fun Dude Male BlazeHead 51
Madilynn The Goody Two Shoes Female TaygenTeagen
Matt The Schemer Male Mypalben18
ScrappyDoo The Brave Nephew Of ScoobyDoo Male Survivor321
Stephanie The Power Player Female SunSlicer2
Travis The Prisoner With A Heart Male Omgdeadpeople
Waluigi The Lanky Loser Male BlazeHead 51


Elimination TableEdit

See Totally Teen Island Elimination Table


  • This season has three non teens. In this case, Scrappy-Doo, Waluigi and Lady Marmalade.
    • Scrappy-Doo is a dog, Waluigi is an average aged man and Lady Marmalade is an elderly female.
  • This season has two winners who won the one million dollars, Brendan and Madilynn.