Totally Teen Island: In Costa Rica! is the second season of Totally Teen Island which takes place in Costa Rica.


After the popularity of Totally Teen Island, Chris McLean got renewed for a second season. This time, he has moved the show to Costa Rica and has taken a new group of teenagers to compete. Every 3 days, a challenge is explained by Chris. The team that comes out victorious and wins has immunity, however, one of the two teams will go to elimination. Safety this season is Costa Rica smoothies. Which revealed in episode 2, can lower your lifespan to thirty years. The way off the island is a ride from a gigantic, mutated bat. The season was then cancelled due to inactivity.




  1. Welcome To Crappy Rica!
  2. The Legend Of The Costa Rica Kanima
  3. A Sarcastic Game
  4. The Inactives Go Bye Bye
  5. Middle Of Nowhere

Elimination TableEdit