18 teens are taken to an abandoned island in Palau and have to compete for 6 weeks under crucial circumstances. Crappy living areas, disgusting foods, insane challenges, and most important of all, live with the DRAMA! 18 teens, 17 losers. Who will take the title of the Totally Teen?


Aaron - The Guy with All the Ladies
Alexis - The Fun Indie
Anthony - The Quiet One
Cindy - The Loyal Friend
Devon - The Laid Back Guy
Diamond - The Tom Boy
Graven - The Teen who is still a Kid
Heidi - The Rude Pink Freak
Jack - The Crazy One
Jessie - The Insane DJ
Lady Marmalade - The Voodoo Witch
Lawrence - The Snobby Ex- Rich Kid
Leila - The Typical Non-Dumb Devious Model
Leon - The "Cool" Guy
"Mouse" - The Squeaky Girl
Sean - The Uptight Goth
Steven - The Obsessed Clean Freak
Tobi - The Hot Nerd



Chapter 1: "Deep Down Under"Edit

The camera went to a beautiful beach in wonderful Palau. On it, was a guy standing while drinking a smoothie. He finishes drinking, and smiles to the camera.

"What's up people of earth? I'm Trevor McOlsteen broadcasting live from Palau! I think. Are we in Palau?" Trevor asked the cameraman.

The cameraman replays by shaking the camera up and down meaning "Yes."

"I knew that. Yeah, I was just messing with you guys. Where was I again- Oh yeah, this is Palau! Known for beaches, wonderful food, resorts, and a great place to cheat on someone! What are we doing on this island your asking? Well, We're here for one reason only. To take a bunch of crazy teens here and make them compete in crazy challenges! Don't wanna forget the other necessities that make this place crappy. Deadly animals," A bear roars at the camera and pushes it, "Old cabins," one of the cabins break down, "And, the disgusting food that only the teens here will be eating." A bowl of chowder than burbs. "For 6 weeks, 18 teens will have to endure everything I just said. Crazy huh?" After Trevor said that, sounds of a boat can be heard.

"And look! Here's this season's players!" Said Trevor as the camera panned over to the 18campers that were on the boat.

"Meet Heidi!"

Looking at the camera, Heidi blew the camera an air kiss. "Hi everyone! I'm Heidi! The queen of Pink! I have everything made of Pink! And I mean it. I have Pink shoes, Pink Shades, Pink-" She was then cut off by Trevor.


"How come I wasn't featured first? You're gonna edit that out right? Are you? I deserve to be first! 10 reasons. 1-" She was cut off by Heidi.

'Hey! I wasn't done talking!" Said an angry Heidi.

"Well to bad "Pinky." It was my turn. So back off." Said Leila as she slapped Heidi.

Angry, Heidi slapped Leila back which caused them to get into a slap fight.

Both Devon and Leon were laughing at the slap fight the two girls got in.

"Devon and Leon!"

Leon nudged Devon. "Hey dude, I bet you 10 bucks that this ends with two things. !, blood. and 2, baldness." He said.

"I'll take you up on that bet then." Devon replied. To busy watching the fight between Heidi and Leila, the two didn't notice Anthony was sitting next to him.


Anthony quickly waved hi to the camera and said with a soft tune, "Uh, h-hi." He then took his jacket and put it over his head.

"Alright then, next, meet Cindy!"

A happy Cindy then waved to the camera. "Hi! I'm Cindy! I can't believe I actually made it on this show! How about you?" Cindy asked the person next to her.


Cleaning his seating area, Steven said, "Oh me, um, let me see, yeah I'm excited to be here too. I just wished SOMEBDY WOULD'VE TOLD ME HOW DIRTY THESE BOAT SEATS WOULD BE!" Steven yelled.

"Alright...." Said Cindy as she slowly moved away from an angry Steven.

To the next of Steven was Graven who was happily playing with his Fox puppet and Alligator puppet.


"Oh hello, Mr. Fox what' do you say and both of us play in that lake in the back of the woods where no witnesses- I mean other animals can see? Oh Mr. Alligator, I don't trust you. You ate my mom. And I don't want you to eat me! How did you know, what I was gonna do?!" He was about to say something else as his puppets, but was cut off by Alice.


"Hey, those are cool puppets. What do you like to do with them?" Alice asked him.

Using his puppets to talk, Graven said, "Guess the lady hasn't been paying attention." Said The Fox. Now as the Alligator, "Yo stupid girl, he uses them to talk. Duh."

"....Well." Alice replied.

"Next up, Aaron!"

The camera panned over to Aaron who was combing his hair.

"Dang it. Ever since I got here My hair can never stand up. Does the atmosphere here have anything against extremely handsome guys with fluffy hair that needs gel?" Aaron asked.

"Oh to keep your hair standing just put double the hair gel you put on and apply it twice a day." Said Alice.

"Oh, hey. Thanks." Said Aaron.

"Your welcome." Said Alice while she blushed.

While Alice and Aaron stared at each other, Jack jumped in between them out of nowhere causing the two to fall on the floor.


"Hi-ya! No need to fear ladies! Jack is here!" As he stood on the boat, he fell into the water because how it was moving.

"Finally he's gone." Said Alice. Mysteriously, Jack appeared right by her and made her scream.

"How did you get here so fast?! You're not even wet!" Alice said.

"On the contrary. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go!" He then disappeared as Alice and Aaron looked at each other nervously.

"Next, Sean!"

An upset Sean was sitting with his arms crossed. "Let's just get this straight right now. I'm here to compete in challenges, and win the money. Simple."

Jack then appeared by Sean. "Aren't we all here for that?"

"Not me. I'm here to make friends! And also, to win, the, um... Money." Said Cindy.

"Lady Marmalade!"

"Lady who?" Said Sean, Jack, and Cindy.

"Lady Marmalade. And I know what you're all thinking. I am not a teenager. But, I feel like a teenager inside. And that's all that matters." She said.

"Hmph. Maybe like a 100 year old teenager." Sean grumbled out.

"How did you even get on this show?" Asked Alice.

"Well, the when I signed up there was no rule saying you had to be a teenager. Just as long as your 16 or older." Lady Marmalade replied.

"Oh. Good thing my grandfather didn't see the sign up then. Or else by now he would've been lip syncing to Katy Perry." Said Alice.


"Oh gosh. You dirty peasants are annoying me with all your teen talk." Said Lawrence.

"Should a guy who wears Pink really be insulting other people?" A beat up Leila asked.

"A pink shirt?! Love it!" Said a beat up Heidi.

"For your information, this is a Salmon color. Not that girly Pink." Said Lawrence.

"Hey! No insulting the color Pink! I take back what I said about your fashion sense." Said an angry Heidi.

Lawrence rolled his eyes.

"Next, Jessie!"

"Here's a warning for you guys. Might wanna drop out now, because your looking at the first winner of Totally Teen Island!" Said Jessie.

"Whatever." Said Sean.

"Okay." Said Cindy.

"Go eat a worm." Said Leila.

Mad, Jessie sat back down and crossed her arms.


"Mouse?!" Said Everybody.

"Hi! I'm Mouse- I mean, Delilah. People call me Mouse because, I have an extreme disorder which causes my voice to become high pitched." Said "Mouse."

The boat grew silent, then the whole group bursted out laughing.

"Yeah. I get that reaction a lot." Mouse replied.


Carrying a football, Diamond looked over to the camera. "What's up guys?"

"Not much. Hey, you like football?" Aaron asked.

"No. I LOVE football. it just bugs me how guys are so offensive about me liking sports. Like one time-" Diamond was cut off by Trevor.

"Yeah. Don't care. Least but not least, Tobi!"

"Another guy? SWEET!" Jack yelled.

"But I don't see anymore guys here." Said Cindy.

"I'm not a guy. I'm a girl. With a guy's name of course." Said a soft, sweet voice from behind the campers.

Jack looked back, took a look at Tobi and his eyes got wider. "I think I'm in love..." He said softly.

Suddenly, the boat crashed into an abandoned island.

"What the? Where are we?" Asked Jessie.

Anthony squealed and hid under the boat seats.

"This place is so.... Creepy." Said Alexis.

The campers then got scared by Trevor's voice over a bull-horn. "Helloooooo teens! And Lady Marmalade! Looks like a mishap happened and you have crashed into the deadly island itself Island Carma-rama. Thanks, to the boat driver. Who, is unconscious." Said Trevor.


"Because Jessie, whoever who ever did something the island didn't agree with, they would get karma. BADLY." Trevor replied.

As Trevor said that, the cast got scared.

"So, think of this as a mini challenge! You must swim all the way back to the correct island, i.e., camp, so we can split you up into teams! Just beware of the sharks surrounding the area." Said Trevor.

The cast looked into the water, saw sharks, and glared at Trevor.

"Alright guys, who want's to follow me?" Asked Leila.

"Why would we wanna do that?" Asked Sean.

"Because, I was born to be a leader. Besides modeling, I'm a rebel." Leila replied.

No one wanted to join Leila so she glared at the them and jumped into the water by herself. "Buh-bye fresh meat!" Leila yelled as she swam to camp.

"Well, we can't let her get first place! let's get going!" Jessie said.

"I'm with you. But what do we use to protect ourselves from the sharks?" Asked Leon.

"Hmm..." Jessie looked over to an unconscious boat driver and smiled. "I've got an idea..."

The camera flashed to Jessie, Leon, Devon, and Cindy standing on the unconscious boat driver as they used him as a human surf board.

"This is a great idea!" Cindy said.

"You're all welcome!" Said Jessie.

As the other campers were finding a way back to camp, Lady Marmalade slowly flew up in the air, and floated back to camp without anyone realizing.

Heidi had an idea. "Oh wait! I almost forgot! I have my portable lifeboat in this cute little Pink bag!" She then took it out and opened it.

"C'mon, that possibly can't be real-" Sean said. He then stopped talking due to the lifeboat coming to.


"This thing actually does come in handy!" Said Heidi as she got in. "This thing holds 6 people. Who wants to join me?"

Anthony, Sean, "Mouse," Jack, and Tobi raised their hands.

"Well, sorry! Haven't you heard something called Personal Space?" Said Heidi. She grabbed two paddles and paddled away leaving the five angry.

"Now what do we do?" Asked "Mouse."

Sean huddled with "Mouse", Tobi, Jack, and Anthony and told them they would use the boat they were on to get back to camp once everyone left. The 4 agreed.

The camera flashed to Leila who was panting while she was swimming. "I swear the camp looked closer from a distance."

A shark then appeared behind her. "Why do I here grunting?"

Aaron walked up to Alexis. "Hey. I know how to swim. Why don't you climb on my back and we'll both go to camp?"

"Ok!" Alexis said.

Aaron jumped in the water and Alexis climbed on his back. He then swam to camp.

In the back of the boat, Sean, "Mouse", Jack, Tobi, and Anthony were seen waiting for the others to leave.

"This is taking for ever." Said "Mouse."

"What will we do?" Anthony asked in a soft voice.

Jack got an idea in his head. "I know what to do!" He walked up to the remaining campers and pushed them off the boat.

"Hey! Do you know how many fish pee in this water?!" Anthony yelled.

"It's for the best!" Said Sean. He went to the driver side's seat and started the boat up.

"Wait! We need something to protect us from the sharks!" Said Tobi. She looked over to the rocks on the beach. "We can use rocks!"

"Good idea! I'll get them." Said Sean. he quickly got up, and grabbed the rocks.

"Quick! We need to get back onto the boat before they leave us!" Said Diamond.

Diamond and the others attempted to get back onto the boat.

"Hurry Sean!" Jack yelled out.

Sean ran back to the boat. "Got them. Now lets get out of here before these dweebs get back on." He grabbed the wheel, and drove away causing the other campers to fall back in the ocean.

"Great. Now they're leaving us and I'm all wet!" Said Lawrence.

"Um, that's the least of our problems. LOOK!" Said Diamond as she pointed to a shark who was glaring at them.

"SWIIIIIIM!" Steven yelled.

The group then quickly swam away from the sharks. Passing Leila who was fighting a shark, she yelled out, "Wait for me!" She punched the shark in the nose and swam away.

Suddenly, the boat the five campers were in broke down.

"Oh crap!" Tobi yelled out.

"No, no, no! This can't be happening!" Sean yelled out.

'not to burst anybody's bubble here but, there's two big sharks heading our way!" Said "Mouse".

"Abandon ship!" Sean yelled.

Him and the rest of the gang jumped out quickly and swam away.

"Oh no! Look's like the gang is in DEEP trouble now! Who will make it out alive? Who will suffer from life threatening injuries? Find out when we come back!" Said Trevor.

After the commercial break, the camera opened up to all the campers safely on the beach.

"Well, looks like all of you made it out alive. Sadly." Said Trevor.

"Made it out alive? We practically had to fight off the sharks with our own hands!" Yelled Leila.

"You did, but, your still here! So that's good. I guess. Now that your all here I'll show you all around the camp. Let's go!" Said Trevor.

The first stop was at the main lodge.

"Welcome to the main lodge campers! where all your meals will be served three times a day." Said Trevor.

Looking at a piece of moving slop, Sean said, "Sure wont be enjoying this."

"Don't tell me you'll be serving this all summer! This is outrageous! I demand to talk to the person in charge of cooking!" Leila yelled.

"Okay but you'll regret it... CHEF!" Said Trevor.

Chef Hatchet slowly walked in while glaring at the campers.

"Yes?" Asked Chef.

"This girl over here has a complaint about your slop." said Trevor.

Scared, Leila said, "Um me? What? I didn't have... Any uh.... Complaints." She then hid under a table.

"That's what I thought." Said Chef as he caught a fly in his hand intimidating the campers.

Trevor then appeared in the confessional.

Trevor: (CONF) This is the one and only place where you can all air your dirty secrets. Or, just get something off your chest.

Lady Marmalade: (CONF) (looking into her crystal ball) Ah yes. I see me going far into this game. Wait, what's that appearing in my crystal ball? Oh no, no, no, NO!

Leila: (CONF) This place totally STINKS. Look what I have to deal with: A Pink obsessed diva, an uptight goth-head, and an old lady who is a witch!

Devon: This place is pretty alright. I know people in my place would ay this is the worst place to be ever, but, it's awesome! I used to go to summer camps all the time. And I learned-

Devon's confessional is paused by Trevor. "Woah! I don't wanna hear your life story dude. I wanna get to the drama already."

The campers were then at the elimination area. At the elimination area, there were tree stumps placed in a circle, a campfire pit, and a wooden podium for Trevor to stand behind.

"Welcome to the elimination area campers. Where all of the eliminations this season, will take place right here. And this is also the place where most of you will leave either kicking or screaming, or crying your heads off until my security zaps you with their Tasers." Trevor said.

"Take a good look at this place, losers!" Said Leila.

"I wouldn't be saying that honey." Said Lady Marmalade.

'And why shouldn't I? Grandma?" Asked Leila.

"My crystal ball predicts that you will receive your fair share of karma this season." Lady Marmalade replied.

Leila rolled her eyes.

"Why do we have to sit on tree stumps?" Asked Alexis.

"Well, we were gonna use actual chairs but turns out we had a lot of left over tree stumps just sitting out in the forest here so, we used them to save money. And saved money means more hair products for mwah!" Trevor replied.

"Narcissist much?" Aaron whispered to Alexis which caused her to giggle.

The camera flashed to everybody at the cabins. "Last stop on or tour, the cabins!"

There were three cabins in front of the campers.

"Those are our cabins? GROSS!" Leila said.

"I agree with her. There is probably not even a single speck of the color Pink in their!" Heidi said while bawling her eyes out.

"Well, I'm going to un-pack." Said Sean while walking to the cabins.

Sean was quickly stopped by Trevor. "Hey! I didn't say unpack yet. Remember you have a SECOND challenge?"

Everybody groaned.

Sean: (CONF) A second challenge?! I already almost got my head chopped off by a shark! What's next? Race by a tornado?

"Put on your swimsuits and meet me at the top of the cliff in 10 minutes!" Said Trevor while walking away.

All the campers are then seen now wearing their swimsuits and walking up the cliff Trevor was talking about.

"I hope Trevor isn't made that we're a couple minutes late..." said Cindy.

"A couple minutes late? We're two hours late!" Sean said.

"Well it's his fault. He didn't tell us where the cliff was." Devon said with Anthony nodding.

"In his defense this is the only cliff at camp and it is a couple hundred feet long." Jack said.

The campers then made it to where Trevor and Chef Hatchet were.

"FINALLY! Where have you all been?!" An angry Trevor asked.

'Well, uh, we were looking for the cliff you were talking about, and we kind of uh, got lost." Said Tobi.

"You know this is the only cliff at camp right?" Trevor asked.

"That's what I said!" Devon pointed out.

"Well, we don't have time to talk about this any longer. BECAUSE, it's time for another challenge!" Said Trevor attempting to make the other campers cheer in excitement but fails.

"Alright then. Well, for your next challenge each of you will jump off this cliff. When you look over this cliff, you will see three platforms. One with the number 5 on it, another with 20 on it, and one with a 50 on it. Your goal, to hit the platforms and not land in the water or else, you will meet, electric eels, sharks, and crabs. Once I tally up everybody's scores, I will put you into teams based on them. the team with the least amount of points goes to elimination! Today's reward, a hot tub!" Trevor announced.


Everybody cheered.

"So, who wants to go first?" Trevor asked.

The cliff grew silent.

Jessie sighed. "I guess to get things started, I'll go first."

She put her hair in a ponytail, took a deep breath, closed her eyes and jumped off the cliff. While screaming, She landed on a 20.

Shooked up, Jessie said, "Ouch! That, was so not fun Trevor!"

Trevor and Chef both laughed.

"How do I get off?" Jessie asked.

Suddenly a helicopter appeared over Jessie and carried her away.

"Next?" Asked Trevor.

"EXTREEEEEEME!" Jack yelled as he ran off the cliff and onto the platforms. He then landed on the 20 point target in a harsh way.

"MOMMY!" Jack squealed.

"Ouch." Said everybody on the cliff.

Jack: (CONF) (Crying)

Lady Marmalade floated up, and levitated towards the targets. She landed on a twenty.

"Hey, that's cheating!" Leila said. "Stop her!"

"Sorry. There are no rules in this challenge." Said Trevor while Leila got mad.

Lady Marmalade: (CONF) I know all you out there are wondering why I didn't go for the 50 points target. My crystal ball told me to. And my crystal ball is never wrong. EVER.

"I hope this turns out well..." Said Graven. He closed his eyes and jumped off while he screamed like a little kid. He landed on a 5.

The other campers laughed at Graven's screaming. "That hurt... So much....."

A montage then was shown of Diamond, Tobi, Sean, Devon, and Aaron jumping off the cliff. Diamond landed on a 5, Tobi landed on a 20, Sean landed on a 50, Devon landed on a 20, and Aaron landed on a 50.

"8 people down, 10 to go!" Said Trevor.

"I guess I'll go next." Said Cindy weakly.

She jumped off and landed on a 50. "I made it!"

"Well, if Cindy can do it, than I can!" Said "Mouse." She ran off the cliff screaming. When she landed on the platform, she was still screaming not knowing she made it. She landed on a 5.

"Um, Mouse, you know you already made it right?" Asked Trevor.

"Mouse" opened her eyes. "Oh, I did make it! But, now I feel a little, sick."

"Hey! Mousey! Don't barf on the platforms!" Said Trevor.

"Mouse" glared at Trevor while she was carried away by the helicopter.

"Me next!" Leon yelled.

He jumped off the cliff shouting with joy. He soon landed on a 50.

"Nice landing dude!" Said Trevor while giving Leon a thumbs up.

Leon gave Trevor a thumbs up back.

Anthony slowly walked to the edge of the cliff. "I hope not many of the fish peed in the water already. Just to be safe..." He said while putting on a gas suit.

"No time for that!" Said Trevor. He then pushed Anthony who was still putting on the suit off. Instead of landing on a platform, he landed on the water.

"SWIM AWAY!" Said everybody on the helicopter.

"What?" Anthony yelled. He looked to the side of him and saw a shark.

"AAAAHHHH!" He yelled. He swam as quickly as he could.

"Look's like he didn't land on a platform! Sucks to be him. So, who's next?" Asked Trevor.

"There is no way I'm jumping off this cliff." Said Leila.

"Yes you are." Said Heidi.

"Make me!" Leila said.

Heidi slapped Leila and they once again got into a slap fight. Because of their slap fight, they fell off the cliff. Heidi landed on a 5, and Leila landed on a 50.

"Ha! I landed on a 50! And you only landed on a 5!" Leila said.

Angry, Heidi got up and jumped to Leila's platform. The two then beat each other up.

"CAT FIGHT! CAT FIGHT! Meow!" Said Trevor which caused the remaining campers plus Chef to look at him in a weird way.

"I'm gonna jump next... But just to get away from here..." Said Lawrence.

He put on gold goggles, and jumped off. Without screaming, he landed on a 20. But, He landed on the side of the platform on his crouch. "OW!"

"That's got to hurt." Said Sean. Devon and Leon both nodded.

"GREAT JUMP LAWRENCE! MIGHT wanna put some ice on that uh, hurting spot!" Trevor yelled to a crying Lawrence in the water.

"Alexis, Anthony, who wants to go next?" Asked Trevor.

"I guess... Me." Said Anthony quietly.

He closed his eyes and walked towards the cliff. However, since his eyes were closed he didn't see where he was going. He accidently fell off. Shortly after, he landed on a 5.

"Aw man." He said.

"Well Alexis, guess your the last one to jump! If you will jump, that is." Said Trevor.

Alexis look over the cliff, and gulped.

Alexis: (CONF) I'm so afraid of heights! And sharks! This is like a two in one nightmare! What am I gonna do?!

Alexis repeatedly looked at the over the cliff, the other campers, and Trevor and Chef.

She sighed and said, "I'm going in!"

Aaron cheered from the helicopter. "Go ALEXIS! JUMP! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!" All of the other campers looked at Aaron. "N- not that it matters."

Alexis closed her eyes and jumped off. Unfortunately, she landed in the water.

"CRAP!" She yelled she quickly swam away while getting shocked by electric eels.

"Ouch." Aaron said.

"We'll be right back." Said Trevor to the camera.

After the commercial break, the camera opened up to Trevor and Chef with the other campers on the beach.

"Now campers, I've tallied all the points you've got, and the results are right in my hands. When I call your name, stand to the right. Leila, Sean, Cindy, Leon, and Aaron. The following people, stand to the left. Devon, Jessie, Tobi, Lawrence, Lady Marmalade, and Jack. And the rest of you, stand in the middle. Diamond, "Mouse," Anthony, Heidi, and Graven."

"Wait, what about me and Alexis?" Asked Steven while Alexis was rocking back in forth due to her facing her biggest fears.

"Oh yeah, you two. Well, since neither of you made it, I have no results for the bothb of you so..." Said Trevor.

"WE'RE ELIMINATED?!" Steven yelled out.

"NOOOOO!" Aaron screamed out.

"No. I'm gonna let the other teams choose which one they want out of you two." Trevor said.

After he said that, Aaron became red.

"Since the team on the left is full, I'm gonna let the two teams on the left and right pick. GO!" Trevor said.

Right before Leila was about to say something, she was cut off by Aaron.

"PICK ALEXIS!" He yelled out.

"I was about to say that. Plus she's more productive than that clean freak what's his name." Leila replied.

"YAY! N- not that I care that much." Aaron said.

Aaron: (CONF) Alexis is on my team! YES! Wohoo!

"Well, since the other team is picking Alexis, I guess we're stuck with Steven." Said Diamond.

"Aww, do we have to pick him? Can't we make a deal with the other team?" Asked Heidi.

"Seeing the people on it, not likely." Diamond replied.

"Times up! So, who ya choosing?" Asked Trevor.

"We choose-" Leila was cut off by Aaron again.

"We choose Alexis!" He yelled out.

"And I guess we choose Steven." Diamond said.

"Gotcha! Steven, walk to the left, and Alexis, crawl to the right." Trevor said.

Steven walked to his team and Alexis slowly crawled to hers'.

"Now, time for team names! Team on the left, you are the Leaping Lizards! The team in the middle, you guys are the Crazed Starfishes! And the last team, you guys are the Ferocious Frogs!" Trevor said.

"Great team names..." Said Leila sarcastically.

"I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news. Since the Leaping Lizards got the least amount of points, they are heading towards the first elimination ceremony ever!" Trevor said.

"This day keeps getting better and better." Said a mad Heidi.

"Now, the good news! Ferocious Frogs, since you got the most amount of points, you qin the first challenge ever and win the hot tub!" Trevor said while the Ferocious Frogs cheered in joy.

"As for the Starfishes, you placed neither first nor last so.... Yeah."

"So, we win nothing?!" Devon said.

"Afraid so." Trevor said.

"This stinks." Jessie said.

"Not for me! Frogs, congrats on your win, and Lizards, see you at elimination tonight!" Trevor said.

The camera flashed to the Leaping Lizards at the campfire ceremony. Chris was standing behind the podium while Chef Hatchet was holding up 5 smore's.

"Welcome to your first elimination of the season Lizards. How does it feel to be here?" Trevor asked.

"Depressing." Said Heidi.

"Scary." Said Steven.

"Boring." Said Diamond.

"Good to know. Any who, when you receive a delicious, creamy, smore, you are safe. Smore's go to..."




"And Steven."

"The final smore goes to..."

"Heidi." Said Trevor while Chef threw the final smore to her.

Anthony looked shocked.

"This can't be!" He said.

"Oh, it be." Said Trevor.

Anthony looked at his other teammates.

"Sorry. Your no use since you never talk. It was either gonna be you or Steven and we chose you" Said Heidi.

"Hey!" Steven said.

Anthony sighed. "So, how do I leave?" He asked.

The camera flashed to Anthony on a wooden made life boat.

"Is this safe?" Anthony asked.

"Maybe. I built it myself." said Chef.

"Hasta la vista Anthony." Said Trevor while the boat rode away.

While the boat rode away, it broke and sent Anthony under the water.

"Uh- oh. Well, that's was a good first episode wasn't it? What kind of surprises will I bring to the campers this season? Who will die- I mean lose? Who will cause drama this season? Find out next episode on Totally Teen Island: Palau Style!"

Chapter 2: "Lies with Lives"Edit

Trevor can be seen on his speedboat on the ocean. "Previously on Totally Teen Island: Palau Style! 18 different campers got introduced! Some were witty, some were annoyed, and others were, well, you get my point. Before the campers could even set foot on the island, they had to compete in a mini challenge which was, swim back to the island as fast as you can before a shark bites your head off! Some prevailed, and others, failed. After everyone survived, I gave them a free tour! I was gonna charge but, that's not in my contract sadly. After the tour, it was time for the next challenge that caused some to get anxiety. Fun times. Everyone successfully made it except Steven and Alexis. At the very first elimination ceremony ever, it was the Lizards who had to attend and the lucky loser was Anthony. Not a surprise. 17 campers remain, who will be voted out this time? Find out right now on Totally, Teen, Island, Palau Style!" Trevor then rides away in his speedboat.

(Theme Song Plays)

The camera opens up to a hungry squirrel running to an acorn. It picks it up, but is then quickly carried away by a hungry Eagle. The camera then pans to all the campers eating in the main lodge.

"Gee, I bet if Scooby were here, he would love to chow this down for me." Said Graven in a Shaggy voice. "That's right." He added in a Scooby Doo voice.

Heidi looks over to Diamond who is eating the food. "How can you eat that?"

"I drank worst smoothies to prepare me for football season. This is nothing." Diamond replied.

Graven to a little bite of the slop, and quickly spit it out in Steven's face.

"Whoops. Sorry." Graven said.

Diamond (CONF): Is Graven crazy?! Steven can barely stand our cabins, so who knows what he's gonna do with barf on his face!

Steven started to shake.

"Are you okay?" Asked Diamond.

"He looks, shaky." Heidi said.

"There's barf.... On my face.... Green.... Gooey.... Barf...." Steven said.

"I'm sure Graven didn't mean to-" Diamond was cut off by Steven.

Steven then screamed and ran out of the main lodge.

The camera panned to the Crazed Starfish's table.

Sick of her food, Lady Marmalade turned her disgusting slop of food into a nice, gourmet steak with rice on the side and a chocolate smoothie.

"Woah! Mind doing the same to mine?" Jack asked.

"No thank you. My crystal ball tells me to never share my powers with anyone. So, I must respect what it says." Lady marmalade replied.

Jack sighed.

"Well while you're eating steak, we're stuck with whatever this is." Said Jessie.

Devon then saw his slop crawl away from his bowl. "I wouldn't be complaining if I were you, because my food just walked away, literally!"

Tobi screamed as Devon's food crawled over her foot.

"I so miss rich people food." Said Lawrence while playing with his food.

"We win the first challenge ever, and we don't even get food that doesn't have legs?" Said a quite angry Leila.

"I guess so." Said Cindy.

"Hey, are you okay now? You know, because of the freak out you had yesterday about the cliff?" Aaron asked Alexis.

"Me? Well, yeah I'm okay just a little shook up-" Alexis then smelt something funny. "What's that smell?" She asked while cringing.

Aaron started to get red and sweaty.

Aaron (CONF) What? I get nervous when I talk to pretty girls!

Trevor then entered the main lodge.

"Hello campers! And welcome to, the second day at Totally Teen Island: Palau Style! Has everyone got a good sleep?" He asked.

"No. Grandma over here kept repeating a stupid chant all night." Said Jessie referring to Lady Marmalade.

"That's my good night chant. I always repeat it at least three times before bed." Lady Marmalade replied while Jessie rolled her eyes.

"I'm glad your happy with your stay." Said Trevor while ignoring Jessie's complaint.

"The next challenge begins in 20!" Said Trevor while walking out.

Leila (CONF): 20 minutes huh? The Perfect amount of time to make the very first alliance ever in Totally Teen Island. The question is though, who could be worthy enough to be in one with me?

The camera flashed to both Leila and Leon in front of the main lodge.

"Hey teammate! How are you?" Leila asked.

"Um, good." Leon replied.

"That's great! Listen, I realized your one of those chill guys who just doesn't care what happens in life. You know, like one of those laid back guys." Leila said.

"Yeah, that's me. But why point it out?" Asked Leon.

"Well, that's the exact type of person I need in my alliance. So, you in?" Asked Leila.

"I don't really know, because seeing how you acted the first day here, I don't really wanna work with someone who's uptight." Leon replied.

"Me? Uptight? No! I'm just really, stressed that's all." Said Leila.

"Why are you stressed?" Asked Leon.

"Uhh...." Leila said.

Leila (CONF): What was I gonna say? I already hooked him about a possible alliance. The only thing I can do is hook him more with one of those stupid past stories about stupid life. But my life is perfect! So, I'm gonna have to lie. And I'm the queen of lying.

Leila started to fake cry. "I'm just so stressed because, everything going on in my life. I never really started out as a model. I joined the modeling industry to make money for my family. We were a poor family living in the streets of New York until a modeling agent saw my potential. So, I joined to get money for my family. And also because my grandfather was getting sick, we called him Papa. And when I raised enough money, we bought his medicine and he got better. until, he got sick again. And my modeling agency dumped me. So now I'm here on Totally Teen Island to save my Papa before it's to late. So, will you be in an alliance with me and help me go to the end for my Papa?"

Leon started to cry. "I feel so bad for your Papa! Of course I will!" Leon shouted as he hugged Leila. While getting hugged, she stopped crying and let out an evil smile.

Leila: (CONF) That was way to easy. I'm just gonna need someone else to join me and Leon. But, that'll be later. I'm just gonna work on Leon first.

Leon: (CONF) (Crying) I never knew Leila had it so tough! How does she go on in life?

The camera opened up to everyone in the main lodge.

"Where' Trevor? It's been 20 minutes already." Cindy said.

"He's probably getting his massage and forgot about us." Said Sean.

In the top of the main lodge, Trevor made a hole in the roof and used a rope to come down.

"Hello campers! Ready for the second challenge?!" Trevor said.

"No!" Everybody yelled.

Trevor glared. "Thanks for the enthusiasm. Any-who, follow me to where your next challenge will take place." Said Trevor walking out while the others followed him.

The camera flashed to everyone plus Trevor in the amphitheater. The campers were in the bleachers, while Trevor was on stage. Each of the campers had shock collars attached to their necks.

"Uh, why are there these dog collars on our necks?" Asked Devon.

"Yeah. They're too tight." Said Leila.

"1. they're not dog collars no. They're shock collars. And 2, duh. That's what makes the game more fun. Well, for me that is." Trevor said.

Leila rolled her eyes.

"Now that you're all strapped in good, I'll explain what'll happen! It's a good ol' trivia challenge. There will be three rounds in this game. Each round, I will ask 6 questions for all the teams. The team that answers the question correctly wins a point. HOWEVER, if they answer the question wrong, the WHOLE team get's shocked!" Trevor said.

Everybody gasped.

"But that's not fair! The person who answered should get shocked!" Said Jessie.

"I know, but it's more fun that way. At the end of all the rounds, the team with the most point wins the challenge! The team that wins gets a nice dinner under the stars while the losing team must attend the second campfire ceremony of the season."

Lawrence (CONF): All I had to eat for the past day was disgusting slop. My team NEEDS that gourmet dinner. If I eat one more plate of Chef's slop I'm gonna die.

"Shall we begin? Good. First round, question 1. What ship transferred Pilgrims in the old age?" Trevor asked.

"Um, the Flower Ship?" Asked Mouse.

"Nope. You know what has to be done." Trevor said while the Lizards gasped.

Trevor then shocked the Leaping Lizards team.

"It wasn't the Flower ship Mouse. It was the Flower May Ship!" Said Graven.

"NO!" The Leaping Lizards said. Trevor then shocked them again.

"You're both wrong." Trevor said.

"Idiots! It was the Mayflower Ship." Said Jessie.

"Correct! Point for the Starfishes." Said Trevor while the Starfishes shouted in excitement.

"Question 2 of round 1. How many sides are there in a Triangle?"

"How many sides? So easy! The number is-" Heidi was cut off by Graven.

"5!" Graven yelled.

"Nope." Said Trevor as he shocked the Lizards.

"2!" "Mouse" said.

"Nada." Trevor replied while shocking them again.

"4!" Diamond said.

"Wow.... Not even close..." Said Trevor he then shocked them again.

As Heidi was about to say something, she was cut off again by Trevor.

"No more tries for the Lizards!" He said.

Heidi glared at her team.

"The answer is 3 sides Trevor." Said Leila.

"Correct! Point for the Frogs. The score now stands at 0-1-1. Third question, what color am I thinking of at this exact moment?

"How are we supposed to know what color your thinking of?!" Yelled Jessie.

"I don't know. Figure it out yourself." Trevor replied.

"Blue?" Asked Sean.

"Yellow?" Asked "Mouse."

"Green?" Asked Cindy.

"You're all wrong." Said Trevor. He then shocked the three.

"I've got it! The color you're thinking of is... Sky-Blue!" Said Lady Marmalade.

"That is correct! The Starfishes now get a 2nd point!" Said Trevor.

"How did you know what color he was thinking about?" Asked Jack.

"My crystal ball dear." Lady Marmalade replied.

"Question 4! How old am I?" Asked Trevor.

As soon as he asked that there was awkward silence.

"Anybody?" He asked.

"Um.... 80-" Heidi then got cut off by Trevor shocking her team.

"70-" Devon was cut off by Trevor shocking his team.

"60-" Alexis was cut off by Trevor shocking her team.

"Okay... Let's just skip this question and no one gets a point." Said Trevor with a glare on his face due to nobody getting the right answer.

"Question 5, what holiday is celebrated in April?"

"Um.... Bunny day?" Asked "Mouse."

"No... Sorry...." Said Trevor as he shocked "Mouse's" whole team including herself.

"It is Easter Day not Bunny Day!" Said Leon.

"Well then why are there bunnies included in Easter Day? Why don't they call it Bunny Day?" Asked "Mouse". As soon as she asked that Heidi face-palmed.

"Correct Leon! The new score now stands at 0-2-2. Better get a lead on answering the right answers Leaping Lizards." Said Trevor.

"Last question of round 1, which type of canned food which is often used in side dishes or in chili, has a tendency to make you pass gas?"

As "Mouse" was about to answer, she was cut off by Heidi.

"Don't you dare answer that question, Mousey." She said causing "Mouse" to get frightened.

"Good. The answer is Beans, Trevor." Said Heidi.

"And that answer is correct Heidi! The Leaping Lizards now receive their very first point." Said Trevor.

After an amount of trivia questions were answered...

"Okay! The score now stands to, 1-8-7! And, even though I said the team that gets the most points in the end wins, it's clear we can't go by that now. So, whoever answers this question right wins! Question 18, When was the United States founded?"

"This is so much like chess! So complicated!" Said "Mouse."

Heidi rolled her eyes.

After Trevor asked the question, everybody kept thinking about what the answer could be.

"So, I guess you guys never took History since you don't know the answer?" Asked a bored Trevor.

"You didn't either. You had to look up the answer in Wikipedia." Whispered an intern which made Trevor throw his show at him.

"I told you not to tell anybody." Trevor said.

"Oh, I've got the answer!" Said Aaron.

"Finally! Answer away Aaron." Trevor said.

"The United States was founded in... September 17th, 1787!" Aaron said.

"Correct! Aaron answers the final question of the round and that mean's his team wins the gourmet dinner and is safe from elimination!" Said Trevor while the Ferocious Frogs cheered.

"We did it!" Leila yelled.

"You mean I did it." Aaron said.

"Who cares, we won another challenge!" Said Leon.

"And since the Starfishes got the second most points, they receive second place! Not so bad. And for the Leaping Lizards, they must go to another Elimination ceremony. Again." Said Trevor while Diamond, Steven, Graven, and Heidi glared at "Mouse".

"What?" She asked.

"Mouse" (CONF): I have no idea why my whole team is mad at me. At least I tried to help them by answering questions. Even though mostly all of them were wrong. But other than that, I have no idea why they're mad at me.

Alexis (CONF): It was so nice of Aaron to answer the question that caused us the win! Because of him, we're eating a gourmet dinner! Thank goodness. After eating Chef's famous "Barbeque Meat Balls," I've been stuck on the toilet ever since!

In front of the cabin on the steps, Heidi was talking to Diamond, Graven, and Steven.

"Alright listen team. I hate to say this but, looks like we're going to another campfire ceremony. And I think we all know who we're sending home." Said Heidi.

"Yeah. Steven over here." Said Graven.

"Hey! Why me?!" Said Steven.

"Because. You washed my Barney doll. And no one washes Barney!" Said Graven.

"Oh yeah, well I think we should send your butt home!" Steven yelled back.

"What's wrong with me?!" Graven yelled.

"Well for one, all of your stuffed animals keep taking up the space in the cabin, and two, your always too messy!" Steven yelled.

As Steven and Graven were fighting Heidi stopped the two.

"STOP IT! I meant we should vote out "Mouse". She was the main reason we lost. If she didn't answer, we could've won. We only won that point because of the Goddess of this team!" Said Heidi while pointing to herself.

"Our team doesn't have a goddess and you're the one that won that point for us not a goddess." Said Graven which made Heidi face-palm.

The camera opened up to The Leaping Lizards at their second campfire ceremony of the season.

"So Leaping Lizards, how does it feel to be back here again?" Asked Trevor.

"What do you think?" Asked an angry Diamond.

"Well, I'm guessing you're all mad. I mean, two times in a row! Ha ha, anyways, lets reveal who gets a delicious ounce of pure Smores. The first Smore goes to... Heidi! The next one goes to, Diamond! And, Steven! Which leaves two dweebs. "Mouse", and Graven. Who goes? The final smore of the night goes to.....

"Graven!" Said Trevor while Chef threw the final Smore to him.

"Wohoo yeah! I'm safe! Yes!" Said Graven while doing a little dance. "Oh, um, sorry." Graven said to a sad "Mouse".

""Mouse", the Boat of Shame awaits." Said Trevor.

As "Mouse" walked to the Boat of Shame Heidi waved to her with an evil smile. "Buh- bye loser!" The Boat of Shame was also taped due to it breaking last episode.

"Mouse" then got into the boat of Shame and it rode away into the night.

"Looks like "Mouse's" adventure here on Totally Teen Island: Palau Style has ended. To bad, so sad. It's not really a loss since she wasn't so memorable. 16 campers are left on this deadly island! Will the Ferocious Frogs continue this winning streak? And how about the Leaping Lizards? When will they start leaping away to Winnerville? Find out all this and more, next episode on Totally. Teen. Island. Palau Style!"

After Trevor recapped the episode, the camera went to "Mouse" siting in the Boat of Shame.

"It sucks my team doesn't think I'm useful. I am useful! Really! But, maybe it's for the best. Or maybe it was my annoying voice that caused my elimination. Oh well." "Mouse" then heard a creek on the bottom of the boat.

"What was that noise?" She asked herself.

Suddenly the boat broke in half. "Oh no!" She yelled. While swimming away, a mysterious hand came up from the water and dragged "Mouse" underwater while she screamed with fear.

Chapter 3: "Dig Determination Out of the Ground"Edit

Trevor can be seen standing on the docks at camp. "Last time on Totally Teen Island: Palau Style! The campers got a taste of real life prison food. Some were angered by it, and others, actually liked it. Well, just Diamond. The first alliance of the season blossomed between Leila and Leon. The only way for him to accept was her lying about her life! Nice move, Leila. At the challenge, the campers had a good ol' trivia game. And they SUCKED t it! I was ready to torture them, but, it turned out to be a total snooze fest sadly. For the second time in the row, the Leaping Lizards were sent to the elimination ceremony. And it was Mouse that got the boot! But during her ride towards who knows where, someone or something, pulled her underwater. Our interns our still looking for her. She better not be dead she still her contract for season 3! 16 campers left. 1 crazy challenge. Stay tuned!"

(Theme Song Plays)

The Leaping Lizards team are seen sitting by the beach sitting in silence and pouting.

"So, this is how it feels like to be a loser..." Said Heidi.

"Yeah..... Sad and depressing....." Graven said.

Heidi looked over to the Ferocious Frog's team and saw each of them having fun in the hot tub. Leila saw Heidi looking, and waved at her with an evil smile. Heidi glared at Leila.

Heidi (CONF): Leila think's she's all that just because her team won another challenge. Okay, maybe her team is all that but mark my words, I will be the strategist this season and not Leila! Oh crap, I'm out of pink nail polish!

At the hot tub party in front of the Frog's cabin, everybody was chilling out and having fun.

"Well, it's clear we totally have this game in the bag!" Said Leon while drinking a smoothie.

"You said it. First we get this awesome hot tub, then we get served that delicious dinner? Maybe this place isn't half bad." Cindy said.

"I know right? I could get used to this five star treatment." Said Alexis.

"So can I...." Said Aaron while he stared at Alexis.

Alexis then laughed.

"Yeah! We're having so much fun! Probably more of a fun time then those Lizards!" Leila said in a way that the Leaping Lizards could hear.

"Now they're rubbing it in our faces." Said Diamond.

"Not if I can help it." Said Heidi. She grabbed a nearby rock and threw it at Leila. But, Leila dodged it and it accidently hit Aaron which caused him to faint.

"Ha! Missed me!" Said Leila which made Heidi more angry.

"Oh no!" Said Alexis. She dived underwater and saved Aaron.

Leila (CONF): How does winning two challenges in a row feel? One word: Awesome. I love seeing the sad faces from the other teams. And how about that Leaping Lizards team? They're so pathetic. I bet none of them are gonna be here when the merge comes.

Leila pulled Leon aside to talk about their alliance.

"Hey alliance member!" Said Leila while pretending to be nice.

"Oh, hey Leila. What's up?" Asked Leon.

"First of I just wanna say, we're doing super on our alliance so far! And second, to improve this alliance, we should have a 3rd member. Do you agree?" Asked Leila.

"Well, yeah. But who's the perfect fit?" Leon asked.

"That's a toughie. Maybe, Aaron?" Said Leila.

"Nah. He's always making googley eyes at Alexis. He wont be too involve in the alliance." Leon replied. "Sean?"

"No not Sean. he looks like one of those guys who when you tell them a secret they say they'll keep it but then they tell somebody else. And we want to keep this little alliance a secret." Leila replied.

"So... That leaves... Cindy?" Said Leon.

"Well, Cindy is chill, cool, goes with the flow, just like us so... Sure!" Said Leila. "Oh Cindy!"

Cindy then walked over to where Leon and Leila were standing.

"You called?" Asked Cindy.

Leila then whispered into Cindy's ear about the alliance.

"I'm In!" Said Cindy.

Behind a tree, Heidi was eavesdropping on the alliance talk. "Oh, this is juicy stuff. Very juicy stuff."

Heidi (CONF): So, looks like Leila conducted an alliance huh? That's the perfect thing to blackmail her with! Yeah, your surprised! I'm more useful then obsessing about Pink!

Cindy (CONF): Wow. I can't believe it! Leila actually asked me to be in alliance with her! And by accepting, she's gonna take me and Leon to the final 3! Yay!

Leila (CONF): Now are alliance is complete! With me, a born leader leading the alliance members, or as I like to call them, my backup singers, we're going to dominate this game! And when the time comes, I'll drop them. Easy peasy.

At the Starfishes cabin, Jessie, Lady Marmalade, and Tobi were all talking.

"Okay listen up girls, everybody's probably making alliances by now, and we should be one of them. So why don't we all make a pact right now, and start a girl's alliance?" Asked Jessie.

"I'm cool with that. Don't wanna be a loner again. Uh, not that I was a loner before, just stating that if I was a loner I would feel really sad but I'm, uh, not, a, loner, so, uh.... I should stop talking" Said Tobi which made Jessie confused.

"Okay... You in Lady Marmalade?" Asked Jessie.

"I will accept the offer into your alliance. Mostly because my crystal ball predicts something bad shall happen if I don't agree." Lady Marmalade replied.

Jessie looked confused again.

Jessie (CONF): Am I the only normal one on my team?!

Jessie looked at outside and saw her other teammates Devon picking his toenails, Lawrence crying over his running male makeup, and Jack practicing karate and accidently hitting himself in the kiwis.

Jessie (CONF): That would be a yes.

Jessie, Tobi, and Lady Marmalade all put their arms in a circle.

"Girl's alliance!" They all said.'

"Now that we've got that settled, I must go eat lunch." Said Lady Marmalade. A puff of smoke appeared and Lady Marmalade disappeared leaving Jessie and Tobi confused.

As Leila walked in her cabin, she saw Heidi was sitting in her bunk.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Oh nothing. Just wanted to see what my favorite "enemy" has been doing lately. So, what have you been doing lately? Went fishing? Caught up on your sleep? Made an alliance...." Said Heidi.

"How did you know about my alliance?!" Said Leila.

"Well, while you were having a little "alliance talk", I overheard you talking so I hid behind a tree a listened along. Hope that doesn't bug you." Heidi replied.

"Listen, if you tell anybody about that alliance, I, will, kill, you." Said Leila.

"Alright, calm down. I wont tell anybody. Under one condition. You let me join. As you can tell from my team, none of them are good to be in an alliance with." Said Heidi.

"Is that the only way? Oh fine." Leila replied.

"I'm glad we could settle this without arguing." Said Heidi as she walked out of the room.

Heidi (CONF): Asking to join Leila's alliance as the only blackmail? Of course not! My blackmails are gonna get worse and worse until Leila can't take it anymore. Does Pink go best with blackmail?

Leila: (CONF): Agreeing to let Heidi join my alliance and do nothing about it? Of course not! I'll just have her think she's in my alliance, and when the time is right and her team loses, I'll convince them to vote her off.

Heidi & Leila: (Split Screen) This, will be fun!

At the beach, everyone was standing in front of Trevor for the next challenge.

"Good morning campers! How was your morning? Good? Good." Said Trevor.

"You didn't even give us time to answer! By the way it was really crappy." Said Devon which everybody agreed to.

"Nice to know.... But none of that! Because, it's time for another, brutal, scary, and death defying challenge!" Said Trevor as everybody sighed.

"Today's challenge is a simple one. Depending on your strength. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Uncle Morris recently sent me all his gold since I was his only trustworthy family member. He gave me all his gold because, he was dying. So sad..... That he didn't give me the gold sooner! Who cares about that old guy? Anyways, I thought for a challenge, I'll bury the gold somewhere in the ground and have the campers find it! So I did! Which means your next challenge is to find the gold before the other teams and be safe from elimination. To help you, each team either gets a large shovels, cooking spoons, or chopsticks."

"Where are they?" Asked Jack.

"Oh yeah, instead of me just giving you all the supplies, you'll have to earn them!" Said Trevor.

Everyone then sighed again.

"To earn them, one person from each team must gather 3 balls and must aim it at the supplies hanging. The one they knock down, the one they win."

Chapter 4: "When Plans Back "Fire"Edit

Chapter 5: "Stupid Tree Hugger!"Edit

Chapter 6: "Geeks over Gleeks"Edit

Chapter 7: "Death Defying Trivia"Edit

Chapter: 8: "How High is that Mountain Again?"Edit

Chapter 9: "Beware of the Bots"Edit

Chapter 10: "I Know What You Did This Summer"Edit

Chapter 11: "A Race Through Space"Edit

Chapter 12: "Eat it Up"Edit

Chapter 13: "Fashion Foes"Edit

Chapter 14: "Did I Say This Was Easy?"Edit

Chapter 15: "Chef's Kitchen"Edit

Chapter 16: "Honey, I got Frozen!"Edit

Chapter 17: "The Mystery of the Island"Edit

Chapter 18: "The Finale that Will Rock You!"Edit


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