Welcome to the Totally Teen Island Wiki. This wiki is for my camp in the TDI camps wiki. Totally Teen Island has first aired around June. And is still present. So, go ahead and edit, have fun, and achieve goals!

Current News And Events

  • The Totally Teen Island wiki is still currently under construction.
  • Congratulations to the three new admins on this wiki, BlaineleyRox222, Phyneo, and TaygenTeagan!
  • A new activity, The Favorites have been added! So if you wanna vote for your favorite and least favorite character, go ahead!
  • A third season idea is currently in the works! So stay tuned!


A Total Drama veteran will cameo in Totally Teen Island: In Costa Rica! Who do you think it will be?

The poll was created at 06:18 on August 15, 2012, and so far 6 people voted.

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