Waluigi, labeled the Lanky Loser, was a contestant on Totally Teen Island and a member of the Golden Geese and the Timid Travelers, nowhone knows how he managed to get onto the show, as the show only accepts teenagers as contestants. Waluigi wasn't the most popular contestant, as his crazy antics can sometimes anger his fellow competitors, his own crazy antics was enough to get him voted off, as one contestant was desperate to get him out after Waluigi nearly killed him thanks to a loose Bob - Omb. Waluigi was soon eliminated from the competition in Catch the Piranhas!, but after he got the boot, Waluigi convinced Chris to let him return to the competiton as an intern, simply out of spite towards Brendan, as Waluigi claimed himself he was only asking to be an intern just to annoy him, but the two hardly argued during Waluigi's time as an intern, and it's possible the two left Totally Teen Island on good terms, it's unknown if Waluigi returned to his home world,

Friends: Travis (possibly), Luis, Cassie (possibly), Stephanie (possibly)

Enemies: Brendan, Chrissy, Kai, Lady Marmalade, Matt

Seasons Competed In: Totally Teen Island

Teams: Timid Travelers, Golden Geese

Played By: BlazeHead 51


  • Waluigi was the first male to use the confessional in the entire season, ironically, he was the first male eliminated in the merge.
  • Waluigi, along with Scrappy Doo and Lady Marmalade, do not originate from TDI, both Scrappy and Marmalade come from Scooby Doo and Waluigi comes from Super Mario Bros.
  • Brendan was the only true enemy Waluigi really made, as he is enemies with the others due to them voting for him at his elimination. 
  • Waluigi may have very little respect for his co-stars, as he didn't care about Scrappy, Dina, Jamie and Stephanie's eliminations in particular, he even said aloud that he hoped none off his other co-stars cared about these eliminations either.
  • episode 7 was the only time Waluigi voted for a girl, as every other time he voted for a boy.
  • in a way Waluigi has never left the island, because after his elimination, he returned the following day as an intern.
  • out of himself and Scrappy, Waluigi has appeared as an intern more, even though Scrappy became an intern before him.